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A software developer who's curious by nature, learning every day, innovating for tomorrow.


Hey everyone! I'm Kavishka, a self-taught developer on a mission to explore the world of software development.

From my early days of tinkering with technology to diving deep into coding languages, I've been on a journey of self-discovery and learning.

Follow along as I share what I can do, my experiences and insights!

Areas of Mastery

In the ever-evolving landscape of technology, I am constantly embracing new tools and languages to stay ahead of the curve.


Rust isn't just a language for me; it's a mindset, which I use to make software that prioritizes performance and safety. Rust is my go-to language for crafting high-performant backend systems that stand the test of time.


With TypeScript, along with frameworks such as NextJS, I bring fast and reliable web projects to life. TypeScript's static typing and NextJS's SSR capabilities allow me to build responsive and SEO-friendly websites.


MDX is my main language for creating immersive and informative documentation websites. Blending MDX with NextJS enables me to create dynamic documentations that's both visually appealing and highly informative.


By leveraging MongoDB's flexible document-based storage for dynamic needs, I can both create and manage databases based on project requirements to optimize performance and scalability.

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