The Beginning of My Journey

The Beginning of My Journey

Hello, Internet! This is my very first blog post as a Software Developer. I might stumble along the way, but I'm here to learn and grow as I go. Stick around as I dive into the world of software development, sharing my experiences and discoveries along the journey.

About My Journey

How it all started

Since childhood, I've been drawn to the world of ICT, inspired by my father who works as an ICT Engineer. Growing up, I was constantly curious and eager to learn, but I often felt stuck in a cycle of repetition within the confines of traditional schooling. Despite my enthusiasm, the educational system provided only basic ICT knowledge, leaving me searching for more.

Eventually, I decided to take a break from formal education after completing my exams, to chart my own course and delve deeper into my interests.

Baby Steps

I'm a self-taught developer now, navigating my own way through the landscape of software development, driven by passion and curiosity.

But it was not always the same.

At times, I felt completely lost, uncertain of where my software development journey was taking me. But giving up was never an option. I kept going forward, exploring different paths and trying my hand at various things. From diving into web development basics through online courses to honing my Python skills with YouTube tutorials, each experience helped shape me into the developer I am today.

What Made Me a Self-Taught Developer?

I tried a lot of things, each one contributing to my growth as a developer.

  • I set up my own GitHub account which is the first thing that any developer would do... I think, so I can collaborate with fellow developers and contribute to their projects.
  • Creating a small website for my small business at the time, KGTechnologies, which helped revise what I learned about web development as a hands on experience.
  • Upon working as a moderator in a discord server, I stumbled on node.js, which eventually led me to explore backend server programming.
  • That rabbit hole was so massive that I ended up developing an entire discord bot for that same server. Just like with my small website, this allowed me to learn more and grasp how languages work.

Step by step, I embraced new technologies to broaden my horizons. If I were to chart my progress, it'd look something like this.

Language Wise

Python > JavaScript > TypeScript > Rust

Technology Wise

  • Web Development: Vanilla HTML > Angular > React > NextJS

  • Backend Development: NodeJS > Bun > Rust

Well.. Let's see where this takes me. For anyone stumbling upon this. I wish you the best of luck in your own journey as well! And the strength to keep going forward. Good luck! For the both of us.